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Not all CBD Products are Created Equal

Not all CBD Products are Created Equal

PhytoVista Laboratories, a UK market leader in CBD testing and a subsidiary of Exchange listed Sativa Group Plc, has completed an independent blind test of consumer cannabidiol (CBD) products for The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis involving 30 major retail CBD oil brands.

PhytoVista’s technicians used its state of the art analytical equipment to report back to the CMC on the quality of the samples being asked to focus on the areas of health & safety, consumer rights, and criminal law. The results are contained within the CMC report ‘CBD in the UK: Towards a responsible, innovative and high-quality cannabidiol industry’.

For the CMC, PhytoVista was asked to test specifically for heavy metals, residual solvents and cannabinoids.

PhytoVista reported the results to the CMC and the detailed conclusions are contained within the CMC report. The process however was most revealing in terms of quality and instances of poor practice. The biggest issues related to accuracy of labelling, the presence of controlled substances and some contaminants, and in one sample the complete absence of any CBD, a result validated by the CMC through a second independent laboratory test.

38% of the products tested had less than 50% of the advertised CBD content. One product had 0% CBD. 45% of the selected products had measurable levels of THC (mean content 0.04%) or CBN (mean content 0.01%) and are thus technically illegal within the UK.

One product had 3.8% ethanol (3.4% qualifies as an alcoholic beverage). Dichoromethane was detectable in seven products (3.8-13.1ppm) and cyclohexane was found in one product (27.9ppm). These percentages of solvents and heavy metals are still below the permitted daily dose levels in pharmaceutical products, although above food limit safety levels.

Conversely, George Botanicals can guarantee that all of its products have been batch tested independently by PhytoVista.

You can read the full report by clicking here: CBD IN THE UK

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